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Tea is one of the staple beverages in our country. Most of the families in India start their day with a steaming cup of tea and a day without that first cup seems to drag on forever. Tea has been a part of our culture since a long time and they have taken it upon ourselves to continue that legacy and bring the richest flavours of the tea leaves to you within the comfort of your home.

On another hand, our country is also slowly adapting to the wonders of coffee. You will see the younger generations all too passionate for the perfect “Mug of Joe” that gives them the energy to get on with the things in life.

You might be bored with the usual flavours of tea and coffee that have been served to you ever since you started indulging in these beverages. Everyone has the curiosity to try out new things and this is precisely why we are proud to bring a wide variety of blends to you to satisfy your palate and your heart.

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing that you want is a cup of some delicious tea or a huge steaming mug of coffee that will wake you up properly. However, it is impossible to find the perfect blend that leaves you longing for more. This is why AnnieBeans is proud to bring you the refreshment that you require in your beverages.

There are new things around each corner and turning around this corner you will find flavours from the tea gardens of Assam, the spice markets of Turkey, the deserts of Morocco and Arabia, the islands of Philippines, the rainforests of Brazil, and the Blue Hills of the Nilgiris. This endless search for the best flavours from around the world are to ensure that you do not have to limit yourself geographically when it comes to tea and coffee.

Their company has four perfect blends of coffee and over 40 different types of tea. All tea blends are 100% natural and sourced out from the best tea gardens from all over the world. Coffee comes in four different flavours, Mint, Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Americano, all 100% Pure and sourced out of Coorg.

They are a Chandigarh-based company which prides itself on using more than 22 different types of spices and without the use of any ingredients to ensure that the tea leaves provide the best aroma and taste and leave your senses hungering for more.

Must Try-:

The China Muscatel is one of the smoothest teas from Darjeeling witha fruity touch that will leave you in a zesty mood. This tea will improve your mood significantly and you’ll end up wanting more.

Take a sip of your favourite flavour and you will feel the love that they have poured into making every day of the rest of your life special and energetic. They are in the business of Delivering Deliciousness Without Compromises.


All throughout the process from the plucking of the leaves or beans to their roasting to their packaging, we take great care to not add any chemicals so that the tea and coffee that is shipped to you is all 100% natural. This is done to ensure that you get the taste of the tea or coffee gardens and can feel one with them with each sip.

 Annie Beans, SCo 12, Hollywood Plaza, VIP Road Zirakpur, Punjab



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