Bir Billing – Asia’s highest paragliding Point

Bir & Billing – Paragliding, Camping and Trekking

Bir & Billing are twin destinations 14 km from each other. Both have their own importance and incomplete without each other. Billing is at the altitude of 2400 mt from sea level and considered as best paragliding take off point in the world. Paragliding here is totally safe and full of panoramic view of Dhauladhar mountain range of Himalaya and beautiful Kangra valley. Billing has only few tea and maggi joints. Billing has no accommodation facilities and restaurant. Billing is travelled by paragliding and trekking lovers. Billing is considered as gateway for Bhangal valley which is most tribal part of Himachal.

Camping at Bir

Whereas Bir is at the altitude of 1350 mts from sea level and landing area for paragliding at Chougan ground. Bir has many hotels and restaurants for stay. Camp Oak view is 3 km from landing area. Bir provide monastery walk. Walk along the colony road, restaurants and many more to see. Bir landing area is a happening place as many paragliders landing here all the day. Landing area and colony is always full of tourists.

 Paragliding in Bir-Billing ( Asia’s highest Paragliding point )

Paragliding is special recreational adventure activity of flying Paraglider in air. Paragliding is very adventurous activity which require special skill to experience safe. Paragliding can be done solo and Tandem. Bir Billing is best spot for paragliding aero-sport in India and 2nd best place for paragliding in world. Bir Billing successfully hosted paragliding world cup in 2015. Many pilots from around world from 140 countries participated. Mr. Arvind Paul was the 1st among Indian in Paragliding world cup. He is the one who handled all our paragliding flights. He make sure all the safety measures during paragliding flight. He is best pilot of India and also training to learn paragliding in our paragliding school. Paragliding is his passion and he knows all the wind trends happening in the Bir Billing Valley. Bir Billing considered best and safest destination for paragliding in worlds by many of the Participants in Paragliding world cup.

Solo paragliding flight.

In solo paragliding, pilot fly alone in paraglider. Pilot is specially trained to parasailing alone in the sky which requires training, technique and experience of many flying. Many solo paragliders fly at Bir-Billing regularly. To fly solo in paragliding require 12 to 15 days training in our Paragliding school after all paragliding courses.

Other things to do in Bir 

There are several institutions in Bir that attract students, tourists, volunteers and other visitors from around India and from abroad:

    1. The Deer Park Institute is a ‘centre for the study of classical Indian wisdom traditions'( under the patronage of Dalai Lama ) established by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche in March 2006 .The Institute hosts frequent guest lectures and workshops with reputed scholars and meditation teachers.
    2. The Dharmalaya Institute is an eco-campus for service-learning and contemplative practice. Dharmalaya is an Indian charitable society (NGO) ‘devoted to education, service, and compassionate living, with a practical focus on sustainable village development, contemplative service-learning, and immersive ecotourism’.Dharmalaya hosts work retreats and meditation retreats, providing opportunities for long-term volunteers and meditation students to do karma yoga (mindful service work with an unselfish, altruistic intention) for various charitable projects to benefit the local community and the natural environment. Programmes include earthen building, vernacular eco-architecture, green job skills training for local villagers, organic farming, and a tree-planting project. Visitors must contact them via the website before visiting, as they are sometimes closed to visitors for silent retreats and special programmes
  1. Chokling Gompa is the monastery of Neten Chokling Rinpoche, a reincarnate lama in the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism and the director of the film Milarepa. The Tibetan architecture and large stupa are the principal attractions for casual visitors. In addition to its ongoing programmes for its full-time monastic students, the monastery periodically hosts Buddhist ceremonies open to the public. There is a guest house and restaurant on the premises.
  2. The Bir Tea Factory is a longstanding Bir cooperative, which offers tours for those interested in the process of tea production.
  3. The Bir-Billing area is a popular destination for ecotourism and adventure travel, offering paragliding, hang-gliding, trekking and camping.

How to reach

Nearest Airport : 65 kms from Dharamshala by road

Railway Station : 3 kms Ahju from Bir ( Kangra VAlley Railway runs a toy train every morning which will get you to Ahju which is 140 kms from Pathankot )


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