Brooks Desserts and Cafe ,Chandigarh

Brooks is Chandigarh’s first dessert cafe ,its all about serving some amazing kinds of desserts ranging from ice cream rolls, waffles etc.

They have a really beautiful outdoor seating space whereby one can enjoy under the sun or stars. On the recommendation of the staff, i tried out their Kinder joy ice cream rolls and Nutella banana waffle.

Kinder joy ice cream rolls were spectacular. Perhaps the best ice cream rolls that i’d eaten in chandigarh. The quantity was generous and had those bits of kinder joy in between. It is a definate try for those who love chocolate in their ice cream.

The banana nutella waffles were really good. Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside thats how a waffle should be . Fresh bite sized banans and nutella topped with vanilla ice cream was divine.

I am surely recommending this place to all dessert lovers. Would try out their other variants of ice cream rolls



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