Chapati & Karak , Knightsbridge ,London

“Chapati & Karak”, the Middle East’s and Qatar’s acclaimed café restaurant, branched out of Katara Cultural Village, in Doha-Qatar, to the swanky Knightsbridge area in London- UK. Located at 144 Brompton Road – nearby Knightsbridge’s luxury brands and high end department store such as Harrods – “Chapati & Karak” is now serving to London’s shoppers and tea zealots, the remarkable taste of the local culinary tradition. The café’s concept takes after a traditional Indian cuisine ritual that entered the GCC region and Qatar 50 years ago and has become ingrained in Doha’s food culture. Nowhere is this widespread success more evident than in the queue of cars lining up daily in front of the “Chapati & Karak” Doha shack from sunrise till sunset.

I was recommended about this place by a friend of mine .We went there on Sunday afternoon as I knew parking would be a problem but after 5 Pm on Sunday as it was free on the residential bays . We got a table as soon as we arrived ,thou the place was really busy – it was bit of a squeeze but we didn’t wanted to wait so accepted the tight spot . I first fell in love with the décor and the atmosphere of the place, it’s rather a mysterious mix of arabesque, mosaic, a dazzling and delicate beautiful atmospheric surroundings that lifts your soul and enriches your passion .However it also excels in its simplicity and minimalism. Once you walk into Chapati & Karak, you envision yourself walking into medieval Middle Eastern stories such as One Thousand & One Nights, of course with modern settings.


The food mainly consists of Karak Tea and Chapati bread, and that is one of advantages of this food establishment. It eliminates the need to think about different choices, emphasizing the message and the essence of simplicity, as simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and the glory of expression. The sweet Chapati humbly melts in your mouth, creating a symphony of taste. The Karak symbolize tradition and rituals, and cold weather in London arouses an instinctive desire for authenticity, which only the Karak tea can fully fulfil. 

The customer service is top notch and beyond exemplary, with friendly and familial attitudes, as well as beautiful constant smiles from the staff. Every single time I visited Chapati & Karak, and I am a frequent visitor, I received a seven star services and that is priceless. Christine & Bruce, the managers, are the most wonderful guys I ever had the honour of meeting, and they both have remarkable souls. 

I would recommend to you to pay Chapati & Karak a visit, and I am positively sure you will never regret such an amazing and unique experience. There are absolutely no downside whatsoever with such a wonderful and commendable restaurant.


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