This Delhi cafe ‘Echoes’ run and managed completely by Deaf And Mute staff, And It’s pretty Awesome


There is no dearth of brillant cafes in Delhi .Some serve awesome food ,while some have an extraordinary ambience . When it comes to coffee and restaurants , everyone has their preferences. Some would prefer Costa over Barista, and others would simply stick to CCD, but there is one coffee restaurant in Delhi which is not famous as above coffee chains but it needs to be on the top of your bucket list, and name of the cafe is ‘Echoes’.

But, what it is about ‘Echoes’ at Satya Niketan makes them stand out of the crowd among the leading world coffee chains? The answer is the staff. All the people working in ‘Echoes’ is managed by deaf and mute staff. Yes, it is true.

The brainchild of  Kshitij Behl and Shivansh Kumar, the offbeat cafe is situated right opposite the Venkateshwara College, Delhi. Aside from serving reasonably priced food and beverages, the cafe’s deaf and mute staff has made it a standout in the restaurant game. By now, you might be thinking about the challenge of communicating with the staff, don’t worry, the duo have you covered. How? Read on.

Signalling a waiter is the first step in a series of communication with the staff. A light bulb is used to grab the waiters’ attention to the table. To place the order, the customer have to write out their order on a notepad and give it to those serving. For other things like spoons, water, forks etc there are specially made placards which can be shown to the waiters and they shall serve you immediately. Kshitij Behl and Shivansh Kumar plan to hire only the differently abled even in future to run their cafe. After the cafe run by acid attack victims, this is another one that will tingle not just your taste buds but also the chords of your heart.

Aside from government aid to the disabled people, this is first of its kind that ordinary people are taking an initiative to give these people a platform so that they can mix well with the society. Even the deaf and mute or those with other physical shortcomings have the right to earn a living and live a life of dignity.We have many examples of how differently abled people have made a mark of themselves .Those however are a few success stories ,but what needed is to give each differently abled person the right to do what they want to and a chance at success .

So, the next time you look for a new cafe to visit , you know where to head to .Worth adding to your bucket list.



This is an awesome video… pls do not miss … 👇👇Let's encourage this move by sharing and spreading the word. This cafe is in Satya Niketan, South Moti Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110021. What a superb concept !👍

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