Embassy , Shimla – Lunch with a view

Embassy , a restaurant run by a couple , where every dish is prepared by the proprietor with home made flavour and usually good taste. The menu is not too exhaustive, but goes around Continental Salads, Pastas, Pizzas, Indian gravies, Lassi, Coffee (really good one!), cakes – all fresh and home made by the couple themselves!

Come to orders, and one might be faced with a series of questions – heavy or light, Indian or Continental, spicy or non-spicy or mild spicy… A self-owned, self-managed and self-run restaurant. Right from cooking to cleaning to taking orders to reading books (they are a big fan of J Krishnamurti and offers his books at a discounted price) and putting quotations from those books on the walls.

The food here is simply toothsome though based ontraditional recipes ,which are unique in their own  .You wont get disappointed . They  have kept the original architecture of this region and made a brilliant timber window outlook that makes the atmosphere unique

The cakes are from heaven and the best shakes are a speciality in embassy. If you are going to Shimla ,check out the embassy restaurant with it’s beautiful furnishing , window views over the hills and the special taste of variety of foods, cakes and shakes. That taste will bring you back again in embassy ,Shimla.


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