Kalpa , Kinnaur


Kalpa is a small town in the Sutlej river valley, above RecongPeo in the Kinnaur . Inhabited by Kinnauri people and famous for its apple orchard; a major cash-crop for the region. The local inhabitants follow a syncretism of Hinduism and Buddhism, and many temples in Kalpa are dedicated to both Hindu and Buddhist gods and goddesses.

By road : 265 kilometres (165 mi) beyond Shimla on the NH-22 in Kinnaur district

It is above the town of Reckong Peo, the district headquarters of Kinnaur, which has 100 years old Buddhist monastery.It is located at the base of the Kinnaur Kailash snow-capped ranges in Sutlej ruver valley . The Shivling peaks rise up to 20,000 feet (6,000 m). Kalpa has apple orchards, pine-nut forests and the stately deodhars.

Kalpa is a town with a history of ancient temples. The Sutlej River below hurtles through deep gorges, the winding mountain road is bordered by chilgoza forests. The serenity of this sleepy hamlet was not often visited by foreigners until recently, but there are still relatively few visitors. There are now few places to stay in Kalpa . To continue upwards to Spiti Valley (which is a small ancient part of what used to be Tibet) from Reckong Peo , travelers must stop to get their inner line permits ,  The view from Kalpa is breathtaking with an observer getting the feeling that he is sitting in the lap of the mountains with the entire range of peaks being visible. Also visible from this place is the sacred Shivling rock on the Kailash mountain that changes its color at different points in the day.


All the area of Kalpa enjoys a temperate climate due to its high elevation, with long winters from October to May, and short summers from June to September.During winter time heavy woolens are required when temperature goes below freezing point around -15 degree to – 20 degree.

Places to visit

Sapni Fort, situated in Sapni Village near Kalpa is a paradise for art and architecture lovers. The fort is seven stories high and is an epitome of architectural grandeur. This was one of the first things we saw on our recent trip to Kinnaur. A temple dedicated to Goddess Kali is located on the fifth floor of the fort. King Padam Singh of Rampur is credited with the construction of part of the fort including the Queen’s Tower. The wood work and carvings on the window and door frames is to be seen to be believed. Exquisite piece of architecture. The view of the Kailash range from the fort and the village is awesome. A must visit place for anyone visiting Kalpa or Kinnaur.


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