Karwar Beach

Karwar beach at Karwar, Karnataka is one of the most splendid ones of its kind. There are actually five beaches at Karwar. Devbagh beach is the most beautiful of them all. The beauty of this beach has been praised by eminent personalities such as Rabindranath Tagore.

The main activities that the visitors should participate while in Karwar beach are snorkelling and diving. They should also visit the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, which is 175 kilometers to the east of the beach.

Places to visit near Karwar Beach

The best time to visit Karwar beach is from October to May. One of the major attractions of Karwar beach is the spicy sea food on offer. The major attractions at Karwar beach are the Naganatha Temple and the Dargah of Peer Shan Shamsuddin Kharobat. Besides, the visitors can enjoy excursions to Gokarna, Magod Falls, Honnavar, Lalguli Falls, Bhatkal, Ulavi, Banavasi, Lushington Falls, Shivganga Falls, Sirsi and Dandeli. Visitors can also go to Kurmagad island. There are other places to see like Sadashivgad Hill Fort that has a durga temple as well. There is an octagonal church at Karwar beach, which is unique as well. There is a Venkatrama temple at Karwar beach, which is 300 years old. It is well known for its ocher colored paintings.

How to reach

The closest airport to Karwar beach is Goa and it is 60 miles away. The nearest railway junction is Hubli and the closest railway station is Shirwad/Karwar, which is 2 kilometers away from the beach. It is pretty close to southern Goa, from where it takes only a couple of hours to get to Karwar beach.

Distance from various places

Karwar beach is 100 kilometers away from Goa 520 kilometers away from Bangalore, 273 kilometers away from Mangalore and 167 kilometers away from Belgaum. Travelers can use a number of world class resorts for purposes of accommodation. Devbagh Beach Resort is specially mentionable in this case

Pic Courtsey by K.S. Anand Devadiga


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