Komic Village – Highest Village in the world connected with Motorable Road

Komic is the “Highest village in world connected with motorable road”. Komic which literally means “eye of a snow cock” (Ko – snowcock , mic – eye), is a remote village in Spiti valley, its around 2kms from Hikkim village. Komic village is situated at an height 15027 feet above sea level.

This farming village has a population of 80 odd people, living in utter isolation, cut-off from the rest of the world for most parts of the year. This little hamlet ensures to bring you thousands of miles away from your familiar settings to a place of soft brown pastures and snow-white mountain peaks. 

Like most of the villages in Spiti valley, most of the residents of Komic practice Budhism. There is the beautiful monastery, This is known as The Tangyud Monastery (also written bTang-rGyud, Tangyuth) or Sa-skya-gong-mig Gompa. It is one of the highest altitude gompas (monasteries) in India, this monastery has a history of 800yrs old.


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