Montaldo Torinese -this village in Italy is saved from Corona due to magical well

The name of this place is Montaldo Torinese. It is a village that falls within the Turin city of Piedmont, in the eastern part of Italy. You will be surprised to know but people here believe that Corona did not come here because of the clean water and air of this village.

People say that the water in this village is magical. So, not a single case of Corona has come up yet. In 1800, Napoleon Bonaparte’s soldiers recovered pneumonia from this water.Napoleon’s army camped here in the month of 1800.

Montaldo Torinese village is about 20 kilometers from the city of Turin. The surprising thing is that there are more than 3600 cases of corona in Turin city. Piedmont’s condition is poor. More than 8200 people are affected by the corona virus here. But there is not a single case in Montaldo Torinese.

There is not a single corona case in Montalde Torinese under Turin city. Stories are told that Napoleon’s army had cured pneumonia from the water coming out of the wells in this village.The beauty here is amazing.

The Mayor of Piedmont, Sergei Gioti, said that Napoleon’s army had recovered because of the clean air and well water from Montaldo Torinese. It is possible that people of this well are still safe due to the water of this well.

Sergei reported that many people from this village go to the city of Turin. Corona infection is very high in Turin. But the people of this village are healthy even after coming back from there.He does not have any type of infection.

However, in Montaldo Torinese village, Mayor Sergei distributed masks and sanitizers. Corona virus has been told so that people become aware of this epidemic. (Photo: Reuters)

A total of 720 people live in the village of Montaldo Torinese. Sergei said that the lifestyle of the people here is very normal and healthy.People here do not compromise with dirt in any way. Be it own or village.

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