Pangong lake

Pangong Tso (Tibetan: སྤང་གོང་མཚོ, Wylie: spang gong mtsho; Hindi: पांगोंग त्सो; Chinese: 班公错; pinyin: Bāngōng Cuò), Tibetan for “high grassland lake”, also referred to as Pangong Lake, is an endorheic lake in the Himalayas .It is situated at a height of about 4,350 m (14,270 ft). It is 134 km (83 mi) long and extends from India to China. Approximately 60% of the length of the lake lies in China. The lake is 5 km (3.1 mi) wide at its broadest point. All together it covers 604 km2. During winter the lake freezes completely, despite being saline water.

The brackish water lake is one of the major charms of the trip to ladakh.If you’re traveling from leh to the Pangong Tso you’ll cross the third highest motorable road in the world – CHANGLA PASS which is at a height of 17688 ft. It’s covered with snow and is quite a point for taking pictures.The drive by itself is an adventure altogether. You can also find yaks and beavers on the way here. Also one is likely to spot horses with luscious manes grazing and running around on grassy patches on the way. As for the lake, the beauty of the landscape with a blue lake amidst the mountains is beyond words. On a clear day you would love the night skies with a blanket of stars over you.The lake looks different when it rains and completely different in sunlight with it different colour hues. of the highest lake campsite in the world! One can find multiple camps to stay by the lake. Pre booking is advisable.

The lake is in the process of being identified under the Ramsar Convention as a wetland of international importance. This will be the first trans-boundary wetland in South Asia under the convention.

Nearest Airport is Leh . It is 224 kms from Leh by road


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