The Hike on Spike -The Lion’s Head Provincial Park

Walk through forest on the unpaved path leaving behind wrath, 

meet the nature and it’s every beautiful creature, 

reach peak, 

sit there until sunrise and return back with memory full of surprise,

every part of memory help eliminates upcoming birse 

and give delight in reverse.”

By Dilpuneet Singh

Nature has always attracted me since I was a child. To explore nature profoundly, I have to travel from place to place.

Few months ago, me and my friend were tired from hectic schedule of our work so we decided to go for a hike at Lion’s Head, Ontario, Canada. It was our first time visiting that place so we were excited to go there. We got familiar with the surroundings by looking at maps. The most exciting part was the Bruce Trail. The main trail route is almost 890km but we got to cover only around 5km till the lookout point. The picturesque view at lookout point took our breathe away. 

The place also has turquoise waters, white sandy beach and a spectacular light house. The lighthouse is said to be built several times mainly due to harsh weather conditions.Although, the lighthouse is merely a replica of the original. The place is go to for summer weather as it gives calm and peaceful vibes around with low tides. The town is said to get its name from the resemblance of a lion’s head along the Niagara Escarpment. The limestone rock formation makes it ideal for different adventure activities like rock climbing, canoeing and hiking. 

The Lion’s Head Provincial Park is a large nature preserve on the shores of Georgian Bay. The park comes under Ontario Parks. It has an amazing view of the escarpment with an area of around 526 hectares. The main purpose of this preserve is to save the plants and rock formations unique to this area. 

All these stupendous things of the town attracted us so much that we spent there almost a week. We had to return to work else we wouldn’t have returned at first place. 

If you wish to know more about this place, most of the information is available on .


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