Tosh – Parvati Valley

Are you bored of holidaying in the common done-to-death cities? Are you tired of visiting cities that are so overcrowded that there’s no place for tourists?
The whole idea of vacation has drifted to spending a handsome amount of money and living lavishly in an isolated location in a metropolitan city. If you’re seeking peace, then what’s the point in going from one polluted city to another?
Villages are often stereotyped to be poverty stricken, lacking basic facilities and not worthy enough to be lived in. However, there is a whole other aspect of villages that still needs to be appreciated. Sarson ke khet, haryali, sukoon, charpaai, makke di roti-sarson da saag and ganne are only some of the ‘desi’ attributes that would make you want to leave the whole hustle bustle of cities and plan a vacation in the lap of nature.
Not only will a village vacation give you a peaceful time for yourself but will make you learn some of the most important lessons of life. You might start loving the indigenous surrounding and the rustic feel of these mesmerizing locations.


To indulge your visual senses as you take on the Tosh valley trek, a trail that will take you across the periphery of the mighty Himalayas. A village at the end of the Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh, Tosh is situated at a height of 7,874feet and leads to the beautiful Pin Parvati Pass. The Tosh River here is an offshoot of the Parvati River, which suckles into the main river at Pulga. To enter in to the village you need to cross a small wooden bridge. .A walk through the village is  pleasant. Tosh is a village with scenic beauty and making a place suitable for meditation & relaxation. All you can do is to get ready with your camera and lost in nature.

With this activity, get to experience the valley which is constricted at the beginning but unwraps later into attractive pastures as it ascends. Lap up the striking spectacle at the pass with the Tosh Glacier on one side and several well-known peaks like Papasura (6,451m) and White Sail (6,466m) on the other side; the stunning Malana Glacier can also be viewed from the top of the pass.

Himalayan trekking in Tosh Valley will take you through gorgeous meadows and streams leaving you breathless. Begin from Barsheni and hike up to make pit stops at Buddhaban and the Tosh Village. What sets this trekking tour apart from any other Himachal trekking tours, is that you can choose to pursue the tracks that lead to the challenging Animal Pass or choose the steady easy climb to the Tosh Glacier. Both views offer exquisite vistas of the picturesque mountains, valleys and landscapes filled with snow.

Temperature Range: The average temperature here ranges between 2°C and 7°C and dips below the freezing point in winters.

How to reach Tosh : To reach the Tosh, firstly you have to arrive to Kasol and then  Manikaran by overnight bus journey or by a car. First night you may stay back in Kasol to enjoy the local beauty of culture and nature blended beauty

Famous Attractions of Tosh village trip

  • Parvati river : Parvati river is a pristine and beautiful river.Take a stroll by Parvati river . Soak into the purity of the river and its magical sound. You can sit by the river for hours doing nothing and you won’t be able to understand how much time actually passed.
  • Trek to Kasol 
  • Rasol
  • Chalal
  • Manikaran Gurudwara
  • Malana trek
  • Kheer Ganga               



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