Munsiyari Tulip Garden,Pithoragarh

When you think of tulips, the first place that comes to mind is Europe. Netherlands, in particular, is famous for its tulips that are exported around the world. In India, Kashmir has its own tulip garden where the flowers blossom each spring. Now, though, another Himalayan town is giving, not just Kashmir, but Europe competition with its collection of tulips. Here are some pictures from Munsiyari tulip garden in Uttarakhand.

With snow-covered Himalayas in the backdrop, ‘Queen of Night’, a deep maroon distinctive tulip blossomed in the garden of Mostyamanu and Pashupatinath temple in Chandak hilltop area in Pithoragarh this year

Once developed as per lay out plan, this tulip garden of Pithoragarh—a district that is also called ‘Mini- Kashmir of Uttarakhand” will be bigger than existing one in Srinagar (Express Photo)

Tulips bloom across an area over 50 hectares facing the majestic Panchachuli peaks, the five famous snow-capped Himalayan peaks, in Uttarakhand.

Bulbs of pure white Royal Virgin, snowy white Tulip Hakuum and cream colour Purissima tulip grown in the same premises 

Tulip flowers are seen in full bloom at one of the biggest tulip gardens in the world in Uttarakhand.

Tulips in bloom against the backdrop of the snow-capped mountains of Panchachuli….


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