36,800 Kms In 131 Days, This 60-Year-Old Turban Traveller Is Living His Dream Of Travelling The World

Age is just a number! This is a saying you might have heard any number of times. But when Delhi resident Amarjeet Singh says that, you have to take note of it, because he just showed it with his own life. The 60-year-old retired businessman has done something that people half his age will still be keeping as their wildest dream, which they hope against hope to fulfill. He has just completed a 33,000 km road trip from Delhi to London covering 33 countries in 150 days.

It all started 40 years ago when he met a man from Denmark who was on a travel spree .He retired from his family business of garments export three years ago and said it took him 40 years to achieve his dream. The whole idea of travel started to fascinate Singh when he met a German couple who were backpacking in India. At the age of 20, he wanted to go to Germany on a bike along with his friend but the idea was shot down by his father. The desire to travel struck him again post retirement when he had free time.

Taking inspiration from him, Singh started his dream expedition on 7 July, 2018 from New Delhi. 

He started from India to Nepal, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Poland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Monaco, France, Netherlands, Denmark and finally reached London.

He travelled 36,800 kms across 30 countries and more than 150 cities ‪in 131 days,‬ finally completing his trip in London on 16 December, 2018.

He writes on Instagram “A dream, a dream to travel by road and to capture it through the lenses it was a vision before, it’s reality now. A reality which I wanted to conquer, and I am almost near my goal! Delhi to London, it’s not a trip, it’s a journey, full of fun, excitement, emotions and a lot more which is hard to put in words,” 


“The biggest takeaway for me from my travel is getting to know more people and learn about their life. Contrary to what people think, from my experience, I can say that the world is full of good people, people who would go out of their way to help you, even if they don’t understand a word you are saying. I have had people inviting me to their homes, where we stayed for days and enjoy their hospitality and love. One of the most memorable experiences I had was in Poland when a group of people whom we were staying with came to know that it was my wedding anniversary, they arranged a small celebration,” Singh recalled.


The biggest achievement of this trip!!! He met Hollywood superstar Arnold Achwarzenegger, who was busy with his latest film Terminator 4 in Budapest Hungary. He was so impressed with the journey , he signed the car.


Recalling his amazing journey, Singh said one of the most fulfilling experiences was meeting the German couple, who were an old acquaintance, at their home after so many years. They were not in touch since their first visit in 1979. So the surprise visit was indeed “surreal”.

“For a lot of people it was a curiosity, in a good way, that is. It told them that this turban is my identity and my crown. When they meet me their first reaction used to be WOW and then HOW and finally WHY. After explaining and signing on my car my journey becomes their journey and their journey becomes our journey,” he said.

On the ocassion of Guru Purab, we payed a visit to Gurudwara Nanak Darbar in Rome, Italy.


A good trip can change your life in ways never before thought possible. Thomas Jefferson once said “a walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of life.”

Singh said he felt surreal after reaching London, which was the last destination on his trip. “To those who can dream, there is no such place as far away. As we are heading closer to our destination, the excitement is building up! London is not far away,” Singh had shared just before reaching London.

While the trip in itself looks like a lifetime achievement and a tiring one to undertake, Singh’s dreams are bigger. The ‘Turban Traveller’ is now all set to travel all the seven continents on his SUV.


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