Unique villages in India

01. SHANI SHIGNAPUR, Maharashtra.

-The village with no locks or doors . All Houses in the entire village are without Doors.
-Even No Police Station.
-No Thefts.

Imagine a village where homes have no front doors, shops are always left unlocked and locals never feel unsafe.

This is the story of Shani Shingnapur in India’s Maharashtra state, where villagers eschew security because of their undying faith in Lord Shani, the god of Saturn, who is considered the guardian of the village.

Legend has it that about 300 years ago, after a bout of rain and flooding, a heavy black slab of rock was found washed up on the shores of the Panasnala River, which once flowed through the village. When locals touched the 1.5m boulder with a stick, blood started oozing out of it.

Later that night, Shani appeared in the dreams of the village head, revealing that the slab was his own idol. The deity ordered that the slab should be kept in the village, where he would reside from here on. But Shani had one condition: the rock and its colossal powers must not be sheltered as he needed to be able to oversee the village without hindrance. Shani then blessed the leader and promised to protect the village from danger.

After the villagers installed the huge slab on a roofless platform in the heart of town, they decided to discard all doors and locks. They didn’t need them anymore, not with the Lord to watch over them.

02. SHETPHAL, Maharashtra.
Villagers have SNAKES in every family as their family members.

03. HIWARE BAZAR, Maharashtra.
Richest Village in India.
60 Millionaires.
No one is poor
Highest GDP.

04. PUNSARI, Gujarat

Most Modern village .
All Houses with CCTV & WI-FI.
All street lights are Solar Powered.

05. JAMBUR, Gujarat.
All villagers are Indians Still all look like Africans.
Nicknamed as African Village.

06. KULDHARA, Rajasthan.
Haunted village.
No one lives there.
A village without villagers
All Houses are abandoned.

07. KODINHI, Kerela.
Village of TWINS.
More than 400 Twins.

08. MATTUR, Karnataka.
Village with 100% SANSKRIT speaking villagers in their normal day to day conversation.

09. BARWAAN KALA, Bihar.
Village of Bachelors.
No marriage since last 50 years.

10. MAWLYNNONG, Meghalaya.
Cleanest village of Asia.
Also with an amazing Balancing huge Rock on a tiny rock.

11. RONGDOI, Assam.
As per Villagers beliefs, Frogs are married to get RAINS.

12 .KORLAI village, Raigad, Maharashtra.
The only village with all villagers speaking Portuguese language .


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